Take Caution With Your Dog During Hot Weather

Summer activities are fun for you and your family, including your dog, but you should be careful when it comes to the heat. Human beings have efficient "cooling systems" which keep you from getting sick while you do that strenuous hike in the middle of the day. Your dog cools off differently and is more suited to being active during the cooler times of the day or during the night. Therefore, you must take special precautions when it comes to doing things with your dog during the hot seasons: Read More 

Itchin’ Kitten: Signs Your Kitten Needs Flea Control

Fleas are terrible pests that can easily get hold of your kitten, even if they're not allowed to go outside. Fleas can come indoors on your clothes, shoes, or other pets that are allowed to come and go as they please. Fleas can potentially be lethal for kittens, so it's extremely important to protect your kitten from fleas. If you're not sure if you have a flea problem, check your kitten for these three signs that fleas can cause. Read More 

Is Your Cat Aging? 5 Tips To Help It Through Its Golden Years

If you have a cat that's getting up there in age, it's time to start thinking in terms of the senior years. As your cat ages, it will start experiencing some of the same discomforts and health issues that affect humans, as they age. Unfortunately, your cat won't be able to tell about the problems it's experiencing in words. However, if you pay close attention, it might be telling you about those problems through actions. Read More 

Bird Not Eating? Look For These 4 Common Beak Problems

In order to be happy and healthy, your bird has to have a healthy beak. It's essential for not only eating, but for their emotional well being as well. So how can you tell if your bird's beak is healthy? First, make sure your bird is eating and appears happy and healthy. Next, inspect the beak. it should appear smooth and symmetrical with no discolorations. Both the upper and lower beak must align as well. Read More 

Safe In The City: Avoiding Pet Hazards Of Urban Residences

Humans who choose to reside in metropolitan cities are enthralled with the bustling pace, the dazzling nightlife, the vibrant culture and the variety of the restaurant scene. For their pets, however, such cities can pose a host of risks to health and safety. Learn about some of these urban hazards and how you can protect your dog or cat. High Rise Syndrome High-rise syndrome collectively refers to the injuries sustained by cats who take accidental tumbles out of apartment windows or off of fire escapes or terraces. Read More